Rendered graph is empty on scripted dashboard

Hi all,

I am working on a scripted dashboard what will be used mostly get rendered pngs into a document. The panel is visible for me on the dashboard view, but if I use the Share/Direct link rendered image option it takes a long time to load then the graph is empty. In the log I see

t=2018-10-05T17:42:16+0200 lvl=dbug msg="Phantomjs output" logger=rendering out="Loading a web page: http://localhost:3000/dashboard-solo/script/performance.js?orgId=1&id=12&machine=server_1&from=0&to=1102106&panelId=1&width=1000&height=500&tz=Europe%2FAmsterdam&render=1 status: success 60000\nERROR: null is not an object (evaluating 'e.panel')\nhttp://localhost:3000/public/build/0.4f5454f867a0cc2fe8dd.js:15\nTRACE:\n -> : 0 (in function \"apply\")\n\n  phantomjs://code/render.js:48 in onError\n"
t=2018-10-05T17:42:16+0200 lvl=dbug msg="Image rendered" logger=rendering path=/var/lib/grafana/png/gE1LqEFKzs2VmIaQO44V.png

the file is also empty, so that is served. The dashboard does not take long time to load, it only has one panel, is this a supported usecase (scripted dashboards and rendered panels)?

thank you for your help,

Is the datasource accessible from the server ?

yes, the normal dashboard view works fine only the render is broken, so I would say yes it is