Render Carpetplot Plugin Panel to Image


I am unable to render a carpet plot panel to an image. The image is just blank. Any suggestions?


Hi @mijobar - that plugin hasn’t been updated in about 3 years and may have issues if you’re using newer versions of Grafana. @marcusolsson recently built Hourly Heatmap on the new React plugin platform which may be a good alternative if you’re having issues using Carpet plot in Grafana v7+:

Thank you so much @samcoren ! That worked!

Question I have now is how to limit the heatmap to the last 7 days. Do I need to adjust my query or can I modify within Grafana? Haven’t had much luck.

Thanks again!

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Hey, I’m the author of the plugin @samcoren recommended.

The plugin creates a plugin based on the data it receives from the data source. Typically this is controlled by the time range picker, e.g. Prometheus, but some data sources, like MySQL, require you to filter the data in the query.

What data source are you using?

Hello @marcusolsson! Appreciate the quick reply.

I am using a mongoDB and added the MongoDB source connector found on github

I’ve been trying to “filter” the data to only the last 7 days but I’m struggling with correctly doing such in the aggregation pipeline.