Carpetplot Plugin problem with long time ranges (more than 19 days)

for years i’m a big fan of carpetplots to visualise my data and i was very excited when i found the carpetplot plugin for Grafana.

The plugin works great, as long as the time range is shorter than 19 days. When using longer time ranges the plugin stops visualizing correct.
Example 19d time range:

Example 20d time range:

The only thing i changed between those 2 pictures is the time range. If i change the size of the panel, it sometimes works with longer time ranges but i was never able to show more than 3 months of data which is not much for a charpetplot…

If anyone has a clou why this is happening please let me know. Thanks

My setup:
Grafana version 9.02
Win 10 with Firefox/Chrome

can you please link to the carper plot plugin you are using?

Also have you seen the new official Heatmap plugin?

Here is the Link: Carpet plot plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

Yes, i have seen the new Heatmap plugin. It’s the exact same problem with this Plugin. At some point when the time range gets to big (~ 3 month) it shows only every 2nd block.

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