Renaming field after Outer join transformation


I’ve got an index “heartbeat--” in my Elasticsearch database where a heartbeat agent sends its availability tests. I’ve been working on a yearly table showing average availability with applications names presented by row and months by column. I’ve made a query for each month where “” is grouped by Terms and where a Bucket Script metric calculates the availability percentage based on two other metrics.

In the Transform section, I’ve created a “Outer join” transformation for my applications to be assembled in the same table. I’ve also added a “Filter by name” transformation in order to hide metrics used by the Bucket Script calculations. The result is almost successful except I get the same name “Bucket Script” for each of the columns and I can’t rename them. When I create an “Organize fields” transformation in order to rename the fields, it simply doesn’t work.

I’m surely doing something wrong but I can’t see what.
Any Idea ?


did you try to add one more transformation (Organize fields) it should allow you to rename.

Other solution is using tags as alias in the query.

Good Luck

Thank you wlargou for your help.
Indeed, the “Organize fields” Transformation works properly. The problem I met was that I made an update from Grafana 6.x to Grafana 7.x. After that, I didn’t noticed that the current “Table Visualization” on the right panel was unselected. There was no selection actually. So I was still probably pointing to an inexistant version of the Table Visualisation. After re-selecting the Table visualization, all is ok now. I can rename any field, no matter whether there is an Outer Join transformation before or not :slight_smile:

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