Rename the dropdown selection from a query to a specific name!

I’m using Grafana v8.0.6.

I made two queries, each one looking for different data.
I would like to rename the dropdown selection to a specific name.
How can I do this?
Current name is results.

rename your query selection
ft.val AS "This is a new field name"
then the dropdown will show “this is a new field name”

Still not working.

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Is it 2 columns from the same table you’re wanting to swap between?

Make a variable at the top called Result,
List the column names like “Col1,Col2,Col3”
Call it in your Query as

Select ft.Tagname
, ft.Timezone as Tempo
, $Result as ‘Valor’
From …

Can you show me how?

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Here’s the Doc regarding Variables
Add a query variable | Grafana Labs

So you’ll add them as Custom and List the columns like “[Col1],[Col2],[Col3]”

Then add it to the Query


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