Remove user-vars in a query's (auto-populated) dropdown menu (or sort them to the bottom)?

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    v8.2.2 - datasource is graphite 0.9.12 (but this applies to other DSs as well).

is there a way to hide (or sort them to the bottom) user variables in a query’s auto-populated dropdown menus?
(ie - in image below, is there a way to hide the $var1 , $var2 ,$var3 ect?

(id rather see the auto-populated options first, as opposed to my variables first.

im asking as the $variables being at the top seem to always get in the way more often then not, as It is generally more common for a user to select one of the “non-variable” auto-populated entries of dropdown menu

(or ideally a way to set the vars to sort to the bottom)


There isn’t any way for a user to sort the options in the dropdown or to move the template variables to the bottom. We are slowly improving all the dropdowns in the data sources so eventually there will be a menu option for template variables that can be collapsed like this (example from the Stackdriver/Google Cloud Monitoring data source):


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