Sorting of: Query -> Series (drop down menu)

This is a bit of a nit pick / minor question-
Is there anyway to configure the (grafana) auto-generated drop down menu of series of queries to sort in the opposite direction?
(really my goal is to get the variables to show at the BOTTOM of the dropdown menus, vs as they do now, showing at the very top, right under * ). The reason is, its a tad cumbersome to see all of our non-var Series, in the drop down menu, as the menu is pretty small, and our variables take up alot of the “first page”. (i do understand why this is the default sorting method ofcourse though)

It appears they are sorted Alphabetically right now, (thus vars, ie: “$xx” comes before most everything, so its at the very top), so even Descending/reverse-alphabetic would solve my issue/question.


im referring to this (and would like the variables to appear at the bottom of this list, as we more frequently use the non-variables, when accessing these menus- thus change the sort to Descending (not its current Ascending sort)):

(Love Grafana!)

what version are you usign?

my grafana version: 7.3.2

thanks (LOVE grafana!)

did you try other version ?

Thanks for the reply- Yes i do always have a few VMs testing different versions of grafana, so i can see when is best to update my primary instance.

Are you not seeing this same behavior in xyz version? (ie the sorting of options on a query’s drop down menu).
I still see Variables listed at the very top.

thanks (LOVE grafana!)

xan you use filter language like regex to do more pecise filterring recuding the number of results?