Remove "help" icon from dashboard

Is it possible to remove the “help” and “latest news” icon that are placed in the top right of the screen near the account avatar?


Hi @jangaraj
thank you for your reply.
I was able to remove the help button with the links you provided.
However, the “news_feed_enabled” option is not present in the grafana.ini file.
Has it been removed in recent versions?

Do you know any other method I can try to remove it?

So you probably
don’t have Grafana version which supports that => upgrade your Grafana
upgrade didn’t add that config option to grafana.ini => just add it there

@jangaraj I am actually using grafana version 10.0.3 according to apt (I installed it from there).

By the way, by searching through other directories I have also found the file /usr/share/grafana/conf/defaults.ini.
Here I can see the “news_feed_enabled” setting. Which is the following file:

Apparently most of the settings are the same as the ones in grafana.ini.

Is it convenient to edit this file?

Doc is your good friend. You can say a lot of time if you check doc first:

Omg you are right.
Earlier I actually missed the part about the defaults file. I went straight to see the grafana.ini file and checked the parameters in the next sections of the link you provided.

I will make some other tests with the configuration file and let you know.
Thank you for your help.