Remove dropdown option from singlestate panel


How can I remove dropdown from singlestat panel which is coming on hover of the panel. It shows various options. The options are not needed for end users.
After dashboard building is complete I would like to hide the dropdown list. Even for read only user this drop down is coming.
Please see the attached image.

Please help. I am blocked here and can’t proceed.

Log in as user, not admin. And look then. You will have less options.

@antireiljan Thank you for the reply.
I created a user with view(read only) access only. You are right I see less options.
My requirement is no options should be visible for read only user.
Is there a way I can remove or hide the dropdown for read only user.

would be logical if the kiosk mode would be without, but is still has a drop down list. No idea how to do. Would be useful also for me!

If you find a way, share please in this topic, I am following!

@antireiljan Sure!
At this time i don’t have any solution. Do you know the plugin owner who we can contact?

No. I am still making the first steps.

One way is we need to search respective class name in the grafana source file (.html/.css) and add display none to it. Actually its not the right way but i have not found any solution then this after investing some time, i hope this can help someone