How to hide dropdowns in panel header


I have asked this question on StackOverflow -
posting here to get some response as I didn’t get any on StackOverflow.

How can I hide/remove the dropdown which appears on hovering mouse on panels when viewing in kiosk mode. Below are the screenshots of dropdown which I want to hide.

I am working on a forked grafana with my custom panel plugins. I can remove it directly from the grafana code as I am working on forked grafana but I want to remove that only when viewing it from kiosk mode.

Right now I implemented that using post messages which I send to the iframe of grafana. This solution has lots of problems and I want to avoid it.

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I also want this functionality. If I am in kiosk mode I don’t want the drop down hover.
If I look to the inspector from chrome the dropdown is caused by the panel-hover-highlight class.

But where is these class defined in the Grafana source code?
If you remove that class from thesource code then you can solve this.

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Great question! Have there been any developments or discoveries WRT hiding dropdown headers in panels? We’re using the HTML plugin to put a series of buttons on a dashboard, however the buttons are hardly accessible due to the header hover in kiosk mode, which blocks users from clicking on the top half of the button.