Remove double quotes from __table Timestream variable

Grafana v10.0.2 Aws managed
DB: Timestream

Hey all, I’m trying to create a select statement where part of the table name comes from a variable value.
The query would be something like

select *
FROM $__database.$__table_$some_variable

and hopefully result in something like this:
select * FROM "myDB"."myTable_option_a"

the problem is that the Macro value $__table is always inserted with double quotes, so the actual Grafana-generated query looks like this:

select * FROM "myDB"."myTable"_option_a

which of course fails.
I’ve tried using ${__table:text/csv/values/etc}, $__table:raw, ${__table}, $__table, etc
as suggested here, which seem to work fine with normal variables but for some reason don’t work with this macro variable – it always has double quotes.

In fact, it seems ${__database} is not resolved to a variable.
No double-underscored variable works with that format.

generated query:
(notice how the table still includes the double quotes)