Regarding Azure integration over multi AD setup with Grafana

Hi There,

With Azure monitor plugin, it is showing only option to fill out single tenant id, clientid associated to the created Service principal.

How can we configure for an azure setup with multiple ADs. Is it possible with Azure monitor plugin data source?

Please suggest.

I don’t think that’s possible now. As far as I know, SPNs are scoped with single tenant.

Just wondering is it possible to create multi tenant SPN IDs…

Thanks @yesoreyeram ,

Would the account type " Accounts in any organizational directory" mentioned in below link work for multi tenant access?

I was wondering where this would work for my case or there would be any other alternative.

Hi All,

Is there any work around to achieve this as of now in order to use Grafana?

As for multi-tenant SPN, there is another reference on stackoverflow, which could be useful.

@adhirajg Silly question (in the interest of helping): would creating another Azure Monitor data source for the other directory work?