Azure monitor | help to configure log analytics

Hello All,

I’m trying to configure Azure monitor plugin with azure log analytics feature enable.
However I’m not sure about the auth02 configuration which is a last part of it.
Link followed
Steps which I followed are listed below

  1. Created SPN
  2. Created Log analytics work space
  3. Provided reader access on azure subscription
  4. Provided Log analytic reader access in IAM on Log analytics work space
  5. API access provided for SPN in application registration

Help will be much appreciated !!


Hi, can you be more specific, what you’re not sure about?

From the documentation

Configure the data source

  1. If you are using Azure Monitor, then you need 4 pieces of information from the Azure portal (see link above for detailed instructions):
  • Tenant Id (Azure Active Directory -> Properties -> Directory ID)
  • Subscription Id (Subscriptions -> Choose subscription -> Overview -> Subscription ID)
  • Client Id (Azure Active Directory -> App Registrations -> Choose your app -> Application ID)
  • Client Secret ( Azure Active Directory -> App Registrations -> Choose your app -> Keys)