Publish grafana to SQL server

I would like to ask how can you publish grafana dashboards to the SQL server?

I’m not sure why you would want Grafana on the same server as your SQL server so I think I don’t understand your question. Do you mean how to publish dashboards on or do you mean something else?

I meant like how can I share grafana dashboard with my team

There are a couple of options for sharing dashboards:

Is it possible to share it using sql server?

What do you mean? How can you share a webpage using sql server?

I meant I want to publish my grafana dashboards to my own server?

What’s stopping you from publishing your dashboards to your own server?

I think I am missing something here. Can you give a few more details - do you have a Grafana server installed already? What do you mean by publish - do you mean sharing or giving access?

I have grafana installed already on my local pc, I want to share it to my team members. I have tried sharing a snapshot but variables are not working.

If you want to start sharing it with your team then I would recommend you install Grafana on a server that they all have access to. Can be a Raspberry PI, a Windows server, a Linux server or whatever.

What is the next step after I have installed it on
Windows server?

Then everyone should be able to login now if they have access to that server with the url: http://your_ip_address:3000 (where your_ip_address is the address of the Windows server)

If you are new to Grafana then there are some tutorials to learn more. The Grafana fundamentals tutorial is a good starting point:

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Thank you so much, I managed to get it right.

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