Proptip: record gif and attach to bug report to showcase issue

Have you found an issue in Grafana and thinking on reporting a bug? Please help us to understand and reproduce the issue so we can help you resolve it quicker by providing as much info as possible.

One way of doing this is to record a video that showcase the issue and attach it to the bug report as a gif image. This guide explains some simple steps on how to do that.

Step 1 - Get a screen recording program with gif support:


Step 2 - Record the Grafana part of your screen when reproducing the issue:
Depending on the program being used you can either get a gif image or a link to a gif image after you have completed your recording. Save this so it can be used in step 3.

Step 3 - Attach it to your github issue:
If you have a gif image stored on your computer you can attach it to the git issue by dragging it to the textarea of the issue. It works for both the issue description or a comment.

If you have a link to a gif image you can simply add it by inlining it with markdown
![alt text](

Step 4 - You are done:
Thanks for helping us improve Grafana!

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Excellent idea, and a very useful guide. Might also be helpful to include the
steps necessary to actually open the issue on github, because I’m sure many
people here are not familiar with that.

PS: Maybe you should also add a comment that a GIF “video” contains images
only, and there’s no point in people trying also to record a soundtrack of
what they’re doing etc.




Awesome feedback! I will iterate and improve this from here. Just needed a post that I can reference in the issue template on Github.