Project exceeds its monthly limit


I have set a quota limit (max VUh per month) of 1000 VUh for a project in my k6 dashboard. Now when i try to run a simple spike test with the following stages:

  stages: [
    { duration: "2m", target: 2000 }, 
    { duration: "1m", target: 0 }, 

I get the following error message in my terminal: ERRO[0001] (400/E2) Project exceeds its monthly limit of 1000 VUH. Planned usage: 2001.0..

It says that it exceeds the monthly limit by 1000 VUh, but if this formula is correct, it should be 2000 * 3 / 60 = 100 VUh

Am i completely misunderstanding something or is this a bug?

Hey Arthur,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please open up a new support ticket in your Grafana customer portal or just by sending an email to

That way we can check our records, raise escalations towards our engineering teams (in case of bugs/issues) and track the progress of your support issue much better.


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