Problems editing dashboards with Firefox 106.0.5

I am using Windows7 with Firefox 106.0.5. I am reconfiguring an existing dashboard.

Lots of things just don’t work like changing the soft max and soft min values - you change them but the values don’t appear to be updated in the JSON file.

I upgraded Grafana to the latest 9.2.4 and that didn’t fix it.

I used a machine that had Chrome as the default browser and, quite unexpectedly, everything worked perfectly again.

The normal use of Grafana to show dashboards, graphs etc seems to be fine; it’s just desktop editing that is peculiar.

I know I had a browser update this week so I think it is fair to assume that it is Firefox that is the problem here. I tried Firefox on Windows and Linux and the results are the same so it is not an OS problem.

I will try to downgrade to the previous Firefox version to see it fixes the problem.