Problem with using Strava Plugin

Dear all,
I am using Grafana Cloud. I would like to get data from my Strava Account. I installed Strava Plugin. When I want to configure Plugin and when I enter Client ID and Secret and then Click "Connect with Strava", I get "{"message":"Bad Request","errors":[{"resource":"Application","field":"redirect_uri","code":"invalid"}]}"
I always get this error, no matter what I enter. As I understand new open should Pop up, to authenticate with Strava, but instead I get above error.
If I want to save it, I get: “Cannot connect to Strava API: Refresh token not found, authorize datasource first”
Any idea?

I guess you didn’t configure Authorization Callback Domain correctly (

See: strava-datasource/ at master · grafana/strava-datasource · GitHub

Authorization Callback Domain: change “Authorization Callback Domain” to localhost or any domain.

Thank you very much. This was exactly the case. After selecting the Callback domain, it started working.

After few days of usage, I realized, I had to re-authorize datasource everyday. Otherwise, I get error:

Any idea, how to solve this?