Problem with time SQL SERVER

I have problem with different time in GRAFANA an SQL SERVER.
In database and table in SQL SERVER everything is ok.
But when I put the same query to GRAFANA it’s adding +3h to datime value from SQL SERVER.

Seems like a timezone error.
Could you check if both services have the same timezone configured? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer. I checked timezones in my DB Server and on Grafana Server, everything is ok. I have no idea what’s going on.

You must also check to make sure your browser is in the correct timezone. On the dashboard view, from the time selection drop down in the top right corner, click the dropdown and at the bottom, select “change time settings” to adjust your browser time frame.

Changing your browser time will change the time you see in the data in the panel inspection pane.

Is ValueTime UTC?

When Value Time is UTC, then I have problem with graph, it doesn’t present current time, but two hours before now.

You might have changed something else in your time setting such as browser time or something else

I facing with the same issue, sql server time is fine, the graph is fine, but at the inspector the time time is 2h ahead.