Preserve time range from specific panel view to back link

Hello everyone,

I am using Grafana version 10.0.0.

In a dashboard, we can preserve the time range between one panel and another that are linking each other, by editing the link to the target panel and changing the time range in it to $__timefrom() and $__timeto(). I have done this quite a few times and it works as expected.

What I am trying to accomplish now is editing the link between a specific panel and back clicking to the entire dashboard.

In a dashboard, you can click on a specific panel to view it in detail. And you can change its time range as well. But, when you make use of the link navigation on the top left of this single panel view to go back to the dashboard, the time range defaults to the originally set time range of the dashboard. I would like to preserve the time range from the specific panel when I go back to the main dashboard. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

You can use dashboard links instead of the default navigation, these can be configured to preserve the time range, then just train your users to use the links instead of the breadcrumbs or menu navigation…

So, as thought there is no other way. Thank you for the input :slight_smile:
I will leave this open just in case there is a solution.