Predefine query in plugin


I have build custom visualization panel. So now i’m searching way to define query in plugin. It’s kinda anyoying that any time I open new query I need to remove groupy by etc.

  1. So this is default query which we all know

  2. What i need to achieve. And yes I know you can make template variables etc. But this extension will be deployed to multiple instesnces. So I need to find a way do define query inside plugin.

I’m not really sure if this is possible because this is Vizualization plugin which has nothing to do with data source query editor.

thank you for your help.

Hi @davidkramer12 plugins can’t affect other plugins in general. So there’s no way for a panel plugin to change the behaviour of the query editor of the influxdb plugin.

Keep in mind panel plugins are there to render data that already was processed by a datasource, they are the last part of the process and they can’t affect it.

Yes this makes sense. Thank you for clarification