Postgresql Data source not listed


I installed Grafana on Ubuntu 24.04 and I am trying to add a Postgresql datasource.

However, the postgresql datasource is not listed in the overview while the plugin is a built-in feature. Only core plugins are listed. Installing other plugins is also no problem, they show up immediately in the list.


I don’t see any problems in the logs, so I don’t have any idea why it is not showing up.

Thanks in advance for the help.

if you click on plugins instead of datasources in the nav menu, does it list postgres?

Yes, postgresql is listed in the plugins section.

Clicking on it doesn’t let met download it, and it shows that it is a built-in plugin

What is your Grafana version?

It is version 11.1.0

Just ran 11.1.0 using docker and I can create postgres datasource

Can you open the chrome developer tools or similar (if not using Chrome) then refresh the browser, add datasource again and search for “post” then inspect the Console/Network tab - do you see any errors/messages there?

In general, if you open http://<grafana host:port>/api/plugins?enabled=1&type=datasource then postgres should be part of that response. Can you find it?

When I open the developer tools, I do not see any problems only 200 status responds. When I open http:///api/plugins?enabled=1&type=datasource postgres is not part of the response.

I’m starting to think this is maybe permission related. Just to confirm, if you open `http:///api/plugins/, can you find postgres in there (make sure to check the whole response)? If you can, please include it’s payload.

  • Do you have any custom configuration, please include in that case?
  • What user role do you have?
  • Grafana Admin set to true?

In addition, enable debug logging and check logs for any errors related to that plugin.

To enable debug logging edit the configuration file grafana.ini:

level = debug

Then restart grafana for the setting to go into effect.

I am not able to add an attachment, however I am 100% sure that postgres is not in the response.
I check the whole response.

I don’t have any custom configuration, and I am using an account with the admin role and Grafana Admin set to Yes. Even created a new account with the admin role and grafana Admin permission and there is the same problem.

Added logging, but didn’t find any problem related to postgres yet.
The plugins seem to be loaded when starting grafana: t=2024-07-08T14:31:45.709271398Z level=info msg=“Plugins loaded” count=54 duration=361.840648ms

We’re out of clues unless more information to be able to reproduce. Suggest opening a bug report and provide as much information as possible, such as environment and platform information.

I don’t know what caused the issue, but I decided to export all my dashboards and reinstall the Grafana application. Now the Postgresql data source shows up. I would like to thank you for the help anyways!

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