Possible to send a summary of a dashboard to another dashboard?

Hi, Im new to Grafana world.

So I’m working with a surveillance dashboard, with alot of singlestat panels. These can be colored green, yellow or red. Depending on the status of the object. When pressing on a single singlestat panel, it will redirect/drilldown to another dashboard. So here comes my question: For the top dashboard with the singlestat panels is there a way to fetch the summary of a specific(the drilldown) dashboard to base the coloring of the singlestat of a specific value in the summary?

I know at the top dashboard for each singlestat I can build a query that aggregates all the values of the panels in the drilldown dashboard. But what if all panels in the drilldown doesnt use the same datasources? I could also write a service the can fetches from all the different datasources. But I want to cointain as much as possible in grafana.


Hi @beny, what you’re talking about is not possible strictly as described - i.e. you can’t directly request a “dashboard summary” to show up in a panel. That said, I think you can get what you need using the status panel plugin. You can have a number of queries (potentially from different datasources) that drive the appearance of each status panel, and get your summary that way. Specifically, you can define how each query affects the status panel color, and have queries generate specific messages that show up in the panel.

Hope that helps!

Thanks will try it out.