Pull data from other dashboard panels into one Dashboard


I’m running Grafana Version: 10.3.3 and its installed-on Windows Server 2016.

I am trying to setup a dashboard that can pull data from other dashboards/panels. The reason for this is we have applications that rely on underlying infrastructure (elastic beanstalks, static ec2s, databases) and it’s been requested that a dashboard be created that denotes if an application is up or not at a glance. The only way to really determine this is to check the underlying infra and if all is ok then it is. I have not found a way to get Grafana to look at other dashboard/panel results (apart from using the dashboard DataSource but that only allows one panel which is not enough).

I have tried a variety of different options; none have worked so far. Putting all of the data into one panel works but the values that I’m working with will clash. I’d be pulling in static ec2 data (CPU utilization, status checks and ram) Elastic beanstalk data (environment health, the stalks are setup in a blue green config so some will be no data, and some will be ok) and potentially even database data from mssql.

Is this even possible within Grafana?

I appreciate the help in advance!