How can I get data in my own panel plugin from others?

Hi, every one!
How can I get data in my own panel-plugin from others?
I want to get data from all table panels in the same dashboard.
My goal is to get data similar pannel drop-down menu -> Inspect -> Data.

Have I understood correctly?

You have some number of panels in your dashboard, each showing different
queries of data from your back-end data store/s.

Now you want to create one panel, which has access to all the data represented
in every other panel?

I would suggest that:

a) it’s not quite possible in the way you’re suggesting, because panels do not
store data - they store queries, and every time the queries are run against
the back-end data stores, the data which comes back is represented in the

b) however, there’s nothing to stop you creating one panel which has all the
queries from the other panels, and therefore collects all the data which the
other panels do - however it has to do this for itself, and therefore each
query will be run twice against the back-end data store.

c) I’m not at all sure that this would work if you have multiple back-end data
stores - different panels can reference different data stores, but I think one
panel can only reference one data store (I might be out of date on this, and
newer versions of Grafana might be able to do this).

I hope that helps,