API query panel data

Hi Everyone

I am new to Grafana and starting to play with the API.
Is it possible to query the API for the data seen on the panels of a dashboard ?
Screenshot from 2020-06-10 15-42-37
I would like to make an API call to return 10.8.

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Could you share more about your use case?

First thing that pops into my mind is that you can reuse the query from another panel, by selecting “Dashboard” as the data source in the query editor. This is typically good when you have multiple panels using the same data, but you don’t want to make duplicate queries.

Hi @marcusolsson

I would like to utilize the API functionality to query a specific Panels data from an external server.
I imagine it would be similar to directly querying the InfluxDB but instead of doing that, I want to collect the Metric data by utilizing the Grafana API.

Hope that makes more sense…