Possible to search in Postgres panel showing table of data?

Hello! I am brand new to Grafana.

As a first use-case, I was hoping to be able to display SQL tables in a web browser that would enable basic searching.

I have setup a Postgres connection and am able to view the desired data in table format. The table has many rows. I would like to be able to search that table for specific words, but I can’t see a way when interacting with the panel in the dashboard to search on data in the panel. Browser search functionality fails to find data not present on-screen (or not recently scrolled past).

Is there a way to accomplish this?


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @refriedjello

is it possible to adjust your SQL query so that it searches for a particular string? If so, you could set up a text-box template variable. Then, whatever string someone types into the text box will get interpolated into your SQL query.