Polar plot support in Grafana?


As far as I know its not possible to plot polar plots as shown below?

I would like the following:
Imagine having two line charts, displaying the magnitude r and the angle θ, and based on where my cursor is at the line charts, the polar plot would update and show the corresponding vector in its own polar plot.

Is this currently possible, or any plans on making it possible in the future?

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I’ll check it out, thanks!

Looks like it’s not possible to do what I was asking for in original post.


Anyone else knows if this is possible or any future plans on implementing?

Did you check other plugins https://grafana.com/grafana/plugins (maybe plot.ly)?

Grafana supports plugins, so you can write own plugin, which will fit exactly your needs. IMHO it won’t be supported in Grafana officially (but it still can be a 3rd party plugin), because visualization of vector metrics is very minor/specific use case.

Another option will be to buy a support/dev time from Grafana team.

I’ve looked at other plugins, including plotly. Plotly itself can plot polar plots, but the plugin in grafana only has scatter plots.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the required skills to write my own grafana plugin.