Plugin not showing up after building

I was following this guide to create a backend datasource, but am unable to see the datasource plugin after the steps in part 3.

The following commands:
yarn install
yarn build
go get -u
mage -v

also returned no errors, so I’m at a loss of what went wrong. Can anybody help?

One thing that I think is worth mentioning is that this issue does not come up if I decide to create a panel plugin.

By default, Grafana ignores unsigned backend plugins.

You can read more here:

Thanks for the reply Marcus. I tried looking into how to sign a backend plugin and got this.

Does this mean that for now, only panel plugins are useable development feature?

Grafana ignores unsigned backend plugins to avoid running unverified binaries on the server. This is by design. The solution is to allow unsigned plugins while you develop it and then sign the binaries it once the plugin is ready to be released.

Please note that you can still develop data sources without backend support, to avoid having to sign it.

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