How to create a signed backend plugin?

I have a datasource plugin with a backend plugin component. Recently some changes of the backend plugin system were made. It is now (with the latest 7.x beta release) mandatory to have signed plugins (while running in production mode). I cannot find any documentation of this feature.

Does anyone know how to create valid signed backend plugins?



I’ve just added

allow_loading_unsigned_plugins = my-plugin-name

to /etc/grafana/grafana.ini under [plugins] scope as it written there

now it works.

more info and at the linked issues

You are right that adding the allowe_loading_unsigned_plugins config gets the plugin activated but the plugin is identified as being unsafe (there is an exclamation mark in the config editor);

Alternatively you can run grafana in dev mode by setting GF_DEFAULT_APP_MODE to development.

I am actually looking for details about the signing process itself. I have upgraded my code to the latest grafana-plugin-sdk-go version but is far but clear how to build a signed plugin.

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We’re planning to add some more documentation regarding signed backend plugins. For now we have

Currently we don’t have a good story for signing community plugins, but is something we’re looking into. We hope we have something ready for Grafana v7.1 as earliest.

Hi @mefraimsson,
Any estimation when some kind of article or howto will be available?
I also prefer to signing the plugin instead using the the workaround.

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Any news on this?
We need to sign our Panel and data-source plugins, any technical details on how to do this?

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Hate to be a “me too” person… but… yes, would be very interested to know when some signing guidance will be available (to avoid having to allow unsigned plugins).