Plugin cannot be loaded in Grafana v7.3.5

I am trying do AppDynamics integration with Grafana where I have installed a local copy of Grafana and trying to add the AppD data source from the below url which is a forked version of original plugin available in the Grafana website.

However the data source is throwing error after getting added to grafana.

Please note i have used both dist and src folder under C:\grafana-7.3.5\public\app\plugins\datasource\appdynamics but none works. Please help.

Hey, I am also trying to achieve the same. Can you please tell me whether you have placed all of the contents inside “C:\grafana-7.3.5\public\app\plugins\datasource\appdynamics” ?

Is it the only process or do we need to perform additional steps afterwards?

Any blog to follow for the steps?

Please use /plugins-bundled folder instead which worked for me. You can also edit the ini file and point to specific directory.

Hey thanks it worked for me