Plot graph with group by table column

Running grafana v7.5.3. After some 1950-s technology influxdb queries I have used “Transforms” to produce a table with columns “Time,Metric,Value” with “Time,Metric” being unique, so there being multiple time series for Value for different Metrics. How can I plot this grouped by “Metric”?



I’d like to see two lines on the graph, one for “Yellow” and one for “Red”. I’m not seeing any “group by” options anywhere. The “group by” transform as a last transform does not produce that either.

Having used databricks and redash where I can simply select the “group” column – where is this in grafana?

I think in theory - at least based on the docs - the “labels to fields” transform should do what you need. That said, I haven’t been able to get it working myself (posted about it earlier)…so would also love to know the answer to this.