Group series no time data with MySQL

Hi, Im new to Grafana. Ive successfully created a few very simple graphs. Now Id like to create a non time based graph, and group the series.

my SQL that provides the correct information when run in SQL is the following:

count(*) as value,
status as metric,
modified_date as time
group by department_name, status

Id like to convert the above SQL in Grafana so that it groups the data on the graph per department, and see for each department, a count of the different statuses.

I’ve tried selecting table vs time as the format on the query, but as soon as I do I get no field name specified for x-axis, and Im not sure how to proceed. I’ve also tried creating a query per department, but it sums the data for each query.

It seems like a simple requirement. is it possible?


It seems like a basic requirement.