Plot Bubble Chart in grafana with Custom Bubble Size

My requirement is to create a scatter plot in the grafana dashboard where bubble size can be used as a third dimension . As shown in below screenshot.

Please let me know is this possible to achieve in grafana. how can we achieve this. Please let me know the steps.

There isn’t a built-in Grafana visualization that does this, but maybe check out the Plotly panel (Plotly panel plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs) which might have what you need.

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Plotly Panel does not provide an option to pass variable radius or bubble size. I need bubbles with different size.

Are you sure that’s also true for the panel that I linked to (not the natel one)? I’ll admit that I haven’t used either of them myself, but the ae3e panel should in theory allow you to create any plotly chart, and has a fully dynamic/scriptable interface for passing in data. Just thought it’s worth double-checking that we’re talking about the same thing.

can you please help with the below issue.