How to access Grafana Variables in Plotly panel

I have set the static value just for testing, but I want to have dynamic values there. Also, I have defined variables for each parameter. How can I access those variables in the javascript code below?

I have tried passing something like this, but didn’t work:
upperfence: [‘$upperfence’]


what is your version of grafana, data source

Hi @abhinavanandpnbe

I checked about this plugin and it seems to be a community plugin as described on the plugin page (that means, it is not maintained by us).

I see that they provide some examples of using variables and also on their official GitHub page under issues, can search for variable-related questions.

I hope this is helpful.

Thanks @usman.ahmad and @yosiasz, I have already resolved this issue.

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Good to hear that you sovled it @abhinavanandpnbe

We will encourage if you can post your solution so that the other community users who are using this plugin can use it if they have similar problem.

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