Playlist API: error getting dashboards

Hi all,
I am having a problem using playlists API. It seems there is a problem in retrieving the dashboards by uid. I am using grafana-9.3.6 enterprise under MacOS Monterey.

That’s my test case:

  1. I have created an API key from the “API Keys” section of the configuration. For sake of simplicity I have assigned the role to Admin and no expiration. The key name is “readerAdmin”.
  2. I have created a dashboard using the web interface with just one panel. The panel is using the grafana random walk function. The dashboard name is “test”.
  3. I create a playlist using the web interface including just the “test” dashboard. The dashboard has been added using the select box called “Add by title”. The dashboard has been saved using the “save” blue button
  4. Using cURL and the “readerAdmin” API key I can retrieve the UID of the playlist via the /api/playlists API and I obtain the following output:


  1. Now, using cURL and the “readerAdmin” API key I expect to be able to retrieve the dashboards using the /api/playlists/fL-uub14k/dashboards endpoint, as per following link: Playlist HTTP API | Grafana documentation
    But I obtain the following output:

{"message":"Could not load dashboards","traceID":""}

And I can read this into the grafana logs:

ERROR[02-20|10:54:10] Could not load dashboards logger=context userId=0 orgId=1 uname= error="dashboard_by_uid not supported by this deprecated API" remote_addr= traceID=

Can someone help me? I need to obtain the information the /api/playlists/:uid/dashboards endpoint returns.

Thank you.