Creating Grafana DB with API Panels 400 error

Hey I’m trying to create a dashboard in the grafana api with 2 panels. I will get the dashboard via api/dashboards/uid and then only copy the json within the “panels”: element. Leaving me with something that looks like this:

{“dashboard”: {“panels”: [], “id”: null, “uid”: null, “title”: “Production Overview”, “tags”: [ “templated” ], “timezone”: “browser”, “schemaVersion”: 16, “version”: 0, “refresh”: “25s”}, “folderId”: , “folderUid”: , “message”: “Automated Changes”, “overwrite”: true}

The result is always a 400 error. I’m not sure what’s wrong I am literally verbatim replicating what grafana returns in the api. Is there any way to troubleshoot this more in depth if no immeidate solution is discovered?

So /api/dashboards/db and not /api/dashboards/uid. Doc is your good friend.

I have read the doc, it is not granular enough for this

solution achieved for anyone else struggling with this issue, the api that returns dashboard info api/dashboards/uid/ doesn’t return it in json syntax… exactly.
True should be true
False should be false
None/none should be null (unless it’s in ‘’ or “”)
Hope that helps