PieChart Doesn't Display Percentages Accurately

Using Grafana: 8.1.2
I am creating a pie chart and I’m not able to express the percentages in decimals. One query I have that is feeding the PieChart returns one really large number along with two other numbers that are much smaller. PieChart is rounding up the large number to 100% and not considering the other two values.

For instance I have a query that is returning: 23836.00, 14.00 and 1.00. These values indicate how many times an api was called in a given period. The Pie Chart is selecting the huge value and assigning it 100% (see image). Instead, the Pie Chart should be divided up as: 99.937, 0.058 and 0.004 respectively. I can’t seem to find out how to provide this precision in the Pie Chart that will allow me to accurately display the percentages.


I’m having the same issue.


@mattgoldsmithokcupid & @kshull

spoke to the squad that own Pie Chart development. This is a known limitation and they hope to support decimal precision in the future.

Best action to take: show your support and :+1: this open issue: