How to put a percentage on a Pie Chart panel?


I have some issues on how to configure a Pie Chart panel.
I want to put a percentage on a Pie Chart. The received value in the Query inspector is 96.6749. (see screenshots)
But if I ad a second query my slices are 50%. Which query function do I have to use to display it correctly? I have looked for a math query function but that don’t exists.
And am correct that there isn’t any documentation for a Pie Chart Panel? (I have looked everywhere but so far I didn’t find anything)

Thank you for any help!



turn on ‘Show Percentage’

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Thank you for your answer.
But If I have 1 query it shows 100%.

So I have to add a second query but then it shows 50% for bolth queries.
How can I add the correct math function in the query. (in the Pie Chart plugin)

What do you expect it to show? The total on the chart must obviously add up to 100%.

I expect it to show the correct percentage.
If I have a value 97 (like in the pictures above) that it should shows a slice for 97% and a slice for the remaining 3%. (the total 100% -97%)
And how do I archive this 2 slices?