How to display as percent given these data?

Hi, I’m totally lost on how to display data in x.x% format. Here is what I have

Given these data, total of 3072 and failure of 13. I want to calculate them by ((13 * 100) / 3072) so that it give me 0.42% to be shown in panel.

Using aspercent(A) give me weird value, also the same with doing binary operation in transformation. Nothing works for me.

Please advice.


Please provide
1.version of grafana
2. Data source
3. Sample data as inline csv

2022-05-13 02:23:33,'heat',23.5


  1. Grafana v8.3.0-pre
  2. Data source white falcon
  3. I don’t have any sample data to give. I just don’t know what best to represent my question. As you can see in the screenshot attached, there are two set of data. Query A is total count, and query B is total count with status failure only. Sorry for inconvenience.

Add an expression that references the queries. Not sure what white flacon is (please add reference here to see if it is something we can download) but generally one can do one simple query to get all of this in one take


You can also use a calculation, and tick the radio button that says Replace all fields:

That will leave you with only one value displayed.