Pie Chart Colour

I’m not able to change the pie chart colours!! the colour picker appears but the colours don’t change.
Is that a bug or what?
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What version of Grafana are you using?

I used the override color scheme to fix this.
However, in the time series graph, it’s displaying only the color of one value. I have 3 values each one has a different color, I’m using bars and I put (“stack”:true) but I’m only able to see one value color!! Each time I refresh the dashboard it displays a single color.
I’m using v5.7.2

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Hi @jmurr,

To clarify, are you using 5.7.2 or 7.5.2? In either case, the Grafana team is releasing a new and heavily updated Pie Chart plugin for Grafana 8.

Do you want to play with it here and see if you can replicate your error?