Bar Gauge/Pie Chart panels - Classic Palette Starting with yellow color

*** What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?**
Grafana 8.0.3

*** What are you trying to achieve?**
Displaying the same request in two different panels: Time series panel (graph) and Bar gauge panel in the same row.

*** How are you trying to achieve it?**
By duplicating the panel and changing visualization.
Standard options / Color scheme = Classic Palette

*** What happened?**
Result: 3 fields.
Color shift: in graph the first field color is green, 2nd->Yellow, 3rd>-Blue while in the bar gauges it’s yellow, blue then orange.

*** What did you expect to happen?**
Same color for field in the two panels.

Thanks for help!

I don’t suppose you discovered an answer to this elsewhere? Just stumbled upon the issue myself, and all I could find was this unanswered post.

No, I didn’t. At this time, I’m using old pie chart panel.

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