Passing multiple string value variable trough a link to another dashboard

I’m having a problem passing a multiple string value variable via URL to a destination dashboard in the way so that it can be used in a sql statement inside the clause IN () in the WHERE condition.
i have a link like this https://…mydashboard?orgId=1&var-Device={__cell_0}&from=__from&to=$__to&var-Status=$Status

The $Status can assume multiple string values like (‘working’,‘no-working’,‘no-link’,…)

In the source dashboard the query with the variable $Status is “translated” in the correct format which is
…and Status IN (‘working’,‘no-working’,‘no-link’)

but when i use the link above in the destination dashboard the variable $Status from the URL becomes in the query:

…and Status IN (working,no-working,no-link)
that produce no results because the clause i wrong. It has to be …and Status IN (‘working’,‘no-working’,‘no-link’).
How can i solve this?

Thank you