Panel title not fitting after upgrade to 6.7


This week I’ve upgraded my grafana from 6.4 to 6.7 and the panel titles are not fitting anymore. The weirdest part is that even if the title had finished, it still shows the dot-dot-dot.

image image

Another example:

image image

There’s no more space on my dashboard to increase the panel’s size to make the title fits.

Is there any configuration that can help on this?

Thank you

I am having a similar issue, although I am using a 7.1.0 nightly release.

Some dashboards - EVERY panel on the dashboard the title shows the “…” after the title regardless of the title length or panel size. But other dashboards on the same installation work as it should (that the “…” should only be shown if the title it too long to fit on the panel and is cut short).

The only clue I have is that on the dashboards that do NOT work correctly, if I look at the browser console I see some JavaScript errors like:
Unexpected value NaN parsing height attribute
Unexpected value NaN parsing y attribute
both from:
vendors~app.a543de7f8cae482d290f.js line 2 > eval:1:2609

So I can only guess that perhaps those errors are causing a break in JavaScript processing that handles the titles and the dots? But I don’t yet know why some dashboards are causing those errors.

Could someone please help us on this issue?

@amandagmsd I found out the issue I was having the javascript errors were being caused by a 3rd party plugin panel Grouped Bar Chart

For me the problem only appears on dashboards where i use that visualization.

Have you tried looking at your browser javascript console to see if you are getting errors? Are you using any 3rd party plugins? Does the problem go away if you disable those plugins?

The only plugin installed is the pie chart, but the problem is happening on single stat panels.

There’s no javascript errors :frowning:

Anyone has an idea to help me?

The dashboard will be released to the clients next week and I would like to have this resolved