How to set the panel title size or color?

i wish to use Grafana screen to display some data, But i cannot find where to change the panel title font size.
Is there any possibility for this?

I suggest you let the forum know some information such as which version of Grafana you are using, what is your datasource, what is your query, which visulization you are using (there are many).

The generic answer is “use CSS”. The actual way you’d go about it will depend on various things, including the version, your ability to modify config and/or codebase on the server, etc. See feature request: Change title size · Issue #1875 · grafana/grafana · GitHub for some (potentially outdated) pointers.

Been fighting with this myself so thought I’d add my information.
I’m using V8.3.3 installed via IOTstack.
I tried to upload a screenshot in png and jpg format, but keep getting “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.” messages.
Bear with me as I try to describe my problem.
I have a “Stat” visualization that has a Panel Title of “Current Temperature”
I then have two queries that return the “Outside” temperature and “Inside” temperature.
I can change the size of the “Outside” and “Inside” text displays, but can find no way to change the panel title (i.e “Current Temperature”) text.
When I resize the Stat visualization on a dashboard, the panel text remains the same size.
Grateful for any guidance.

Welcome to the forum. AFAIK, the panel title (“Current Temperature”) is fixed in size. In the mockups below, I resized the panel and in all cases, the panel title remained the same.