Panel similar to Flight Aware

I am new to grafana and have made a lot of strides in taking our dashboard beyond just time series graphs but am stuck in creating a useful of positions. I would like to have a panel similar to flight aware in how it displays aircraft positions. We do have positions (lat,lon,alt) of multiple aircraft available in InfluxDb. Any suggestions of where to start?

You can use the new Geomap panel, which accepts coordinates from any data source. You can see examples of how to use it in our article: How to create your first Grafana Dashboard | by Daria Volkova | Jan, 2022 | Volkov Labs.

If you are looking for something special you can create a custom panel plugin.

Thank you! That looks very promising. But where do I find that Geomap panel? It is not listed on the Grafana plugins page.

It’s a part of the latest version of Grafana 8 and was added in 8.1: Grafana

Thank you again! I actually have this working with now querying data from an Influx database and even figure out how to have icons of different colors based on a query property.

One more question about the background map. Where is the base layer map sourced from? I will be running Grafana without internet connection. I assume OpenStreetMap option for the base layer map needs to have an open street map server somewhere? Does the CARTO map options need that as well or will it render the base map without an internet connection?

You are welcome! Base layers sourced from external resources:
Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 2.19.35 PM

Looking at the Source Code CARTO downloaded it from CDN.