Worldmap Panel - How to display the live position of vehicles in a fleet

I am using influxdb as a data source and storing the fields: “latitude” and “longitude” for position of vehicles in a fleet, this updates every second. I would like to use this data to plot the latest position of the vehicle on the worldmap-panel.
Is this something that is supported? similar to what is shown here.

at 9:30

Dear @philump,

while this isn’t a solution yet, we are also looking into the same direction based on our Worldmap fork.

We also collected some resources around data streaming @ryantxu has been working on the other day. However, we haven’t been able to follow up on that recently.

On the other hand, we believe the most advanced Track Map Panel these days is:

Maybe this helps a bit. We will be happy to hear whether this resonates with you.

With kind regards,