Panel option to automatically handle missing datapoints, based on average time-interval

Hi Grafana Team,

I am currently using Grafana together with NetXMS and the datasource connector specifically designed for the NetXMS REST API.

While creating dashboards, I came across the following issue:
NetXMS uses polling intervals to gather data for certain metrics and when fetching the data through a specific endpoint of its REST API, this data is transformed into a Grafana compatible format. However, if for some reason, at a random point in time, the metric was unavailable (e.g. during downtime), the REST API “skips” this point, instead of returning a “[timestamp]:[NULL]” mapping. This causes Grafana to interpret the data, as if this value should never have existed in the first place and simply draws a line, connecting the next available data point.
This is especially an issue, if the panel is displaying a big timerange and the “downtime” is relatively short. The expected behavior (namely, a visual “gap” in the graph) should normally be achieved by the setting “Null value” -> “null as zero”, however, this only seems to work, if the returned data actually contains such [timestamp]:[NULL] values.

And this is where my question/idea comes in: Would it be possible to implement an option to automatically handle such missing data points, based on the average time interval of available datapoints? For example, if the data-set already contains a number of datapoints with an average time interval of 60 seconds in between each individual point and suddenly the next value is 120 seconds after the last one, the gap is automatically filled with a NULL value at the missing point.

Hopefully, you can help me with this :slight_smile:
Kind regards,