Page not found 404 Error - /saml/metadata and saml/acs

hi, this issue was reported here but closed without resolution.

So I downloaded and installed the grafana enterprise version 9.x.x on a VM which is reachable like to get the dashboard but am getting 404 when I remove :3000 and add /saml/acs or /saml/metadata. I expect that while on my grafana server is running, going to these urls should download the metadata XML file.

Note: I make changes in etc/grafana/grafana.ini, I used self-signed cert and key as describe in the grafana docs.

I think am missing something in my config(ini) file. Suggestions will help.

  • Can you copy/paste the configuration(s) that you are having problems with?

Configuration –
;http_addr =
http_port = 3000
;domain = localhost
;enforce_domain = false
root_url =

enabled = true
;single_logout = false
allow_sign_up = true
;certificate = “./cert.pem.base64”
certificate_path = /etc/grafana/cert.pem
private_key_path = /etc/grafana/key.pem
signature_algorithm = “rsa-sha256”
;idp_metadata =
;idp_metadata_path =
idp_metadata_url = “sddshdhsds”
;max_issue_delay = 90s