Organizations in Grafana Cloud Pro/Advanced


My company wants to integrate Grafana Cloud services into one of our projects to visualize customer data and manage their dashboards. We will have multiple tenants to manage, so the Organizations feature sounds like it is key for us. However, is this feature supported in the Grafana Cloud Pro/Advanced versions through the HTTP API?


Hey there!

It sounds like what you’re looking for is better control of data segregation between different customers of yourselves, while also provisioning specific Grafana functionality on their behalf. Can you provide more clarity around what kinds of features you’re interested in managing via API on your customers’ behalf?

Additionally, for both Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced, we don’t make the Grafana orgs function available. For our Advanced tier, though, we do support a single org spinning up and running a large number of separate stacks – these are groupings of our managed Grafana, metrics, logs, and tracings services into a coherent structure. Each stack has its own unique URL, and you could associate each stack with a given customer and its set of specific users.